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Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation Setup and Installation

One of the most engaging aspects of the Amazon Echo (and likely one of the utmost versatile reasons it's gotten so popular so fast) is just how easy it is to use. But even, somehow for every tech-lovers, navigating a new piece of tech sometimes isn't as simple as you expect to be. That's why we're here to help you and most likely available here just to make sure that you can easily setup your Amazon echo dot 2nd generation and start your Amazon's smart assistant Alexa around in no time. This is our step-by-step guide to setting up a new Amazon Echo Dot 2nd generation smart speaker. Let’s get into the steps.

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Things That You Need to Setup Echo Dot

To get your Amazon echo dot 2nd generation setup and installation done you just need a basic items. The list includes:

  • Echo Dot
  • USB Cable or 3.5 mm audio jack
  • Power Brick
  • Cell Phone or Laptop

Step 1: Plug in the Power Brick With Amazon Echo Dot

This isn't advanced science. In any case, I need you to comprehend that you don't generally need to do anything before you power on your Echo Dot.

The Echo Dot doesn't accompany a built in battery, which means you should control it by means of the included USB link and power brick. You can really purchase Echo Dot battery adornment for extremely modest on Amazon

Indeed simply plug the USB link into the power brick. Fitting the power brick into the wall. Attach the opposite finish of the USB link into your Echo Dot and you are ready for the next step.

Step 2: Install and Set up the Alexa App

  • Search Alexa app in the App store Or Google Play store search bar.
  • It’s time to hit the Install button or Get button.
  • Once it is installed open the application.
  • Complete the sign in steps with your regular Amazon account information.

Step 3: Connect Your Amazon Echo Dot to Wifi

Since you have the Echo Dot controlled up and the Alexa App introduced on your smartphone, you simply need to interface them together. To do this you could utilize the Alexa application to associate your gadget to Wi Fi. Try not to stress, this isn't too hard either.

Step 4: Activate Alexa Setup Mode Option

To do this, hold the “action button” for 5 seconds (the little button with a dot in the middle). Press and hold the action button till you see an orange ring light showing up at the edge of the Echo Dot.

Step 5: Choose Alexa App To Setup Echo Dot

Now that the Alexa is in setup mode, browse the Alexa app menu and click on the settings tab. Now, click the blue bar, which stands straight “set up new device”. On the next screen, you will get the options to setup an Echo, a Tap, and an Echo Dot. Make sure to select your device and follow these steps:

  • Select the preferences for and then prompted to connect to WiFi.
  • Next you will be asked to allow the location and this will turn the blue light on, which means the Echo dot is working.
  • Now, select your WiFi network and enter the password.
  • Click connect and Alexa will announce that the Echo Dot setup is complete.

While these highlights are on the whole quite marvellous all alone, ensure you look at all the other astonishing things Alexa can do by means of the abilities store. In the event that you have other keen gadgets in your home, attempt to get them incorporated with Alexa through an ability or find them under the main menu, then smart home, after this devices, and finallydiscover .