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Echo Dot Not Working? Know the Reasons Behind It

We are much more familiar with the term Echo Dot, as it’s the latest gadget release after the Amazon Echo devices. Echo Dot gain so much of popularity and it’s all because of its virtual assistant Alexa. However, sometimes this gadget once in a while act like they are useless and that is the motivation behind why most of the users is complaining about Echo Dot Not Working.

There might be several reasons that plays a major role in “Echo Dot Not Working” and here in this blog, we are going to converse them all.

We see how terrible you would feel when you used to state the wake word and Alexa didn't react back.

You might be imagining that what is the advantage of spending a great deal of cash on such gadgets, however, let us reveal to you that there is in no way like that.

For any technical issue or errors related to Echo Dot, dial Alexa Helpline Number +1 (650) 538-8708 that works round the clock for you.

Reasons of Having "Echo Dot Not Working" Issue

Check out the major reasons which causes Echo dot not working

  1. Problem with Light Ring

    Till the time you didn't state the wake word, the Alexa will act like its dead however when you would state the wake word a light will sparkle on the light ring and afterward Alexa reacts back.

    Be that as it may, in a few cases, the light ring abruptly shines and for each shading lighting, there could be a few reasons.

    • Solid Red: It implies that your Alexa is not listening to any of your voice command. What's more, the explanation for the equivalent could be that you neglect to turn ON your microphone.

    • Spinning Violet: There are major times, when you see the spinning violet color on the light ring then there is a problem related to the internet connection.

    • Spinning Orange: You may see this orange light when you are not connected with any if the networks.

  2. Echo Dot Is Not Connecting With Your Wifi Network

    In case you have discovered that your Echo Dot isn't connecting with the wifi then you need to control reuse your Echo dot, router, and modem. If that won't work, at that point there are conceivable outcomes that the separation between the Echo Dot and router is a lot and that is the motivation behind why it isn't reacting. Thus put your Echo Dot close to the router or vise versa.

  3. Echo Dot Notifications Are Too Loud

    If you have discovered that the notifications are too loud then simply open the Alexa application and down the volume from that point and you will find that the issue of Echo Dot Not Working got completely settled.

Alexa Customer Service At Your Finger Tips

Aside from the previously mentioned issue, there could be a few more and one of which is Alexa Offline.

For all such difficulty, there is just a single lasting arrangement and that is Alexa Customer services. You simply need to dial their helpline numbers and their experts will investigate the issue to troubleshoot the issue or problem.

Every one of the specialists working there are brilliant and very much experienced thus you could confide in them.

They have just explained some of these cases. Henceforth for them to settle the difficulty identified with Alexa is nothing.

So without diving in deep simply call them now!