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How To Fix Echo Registration Failure Error?

Are you getting an error message, which shows “Amazon Echo Registration Failure” while registering your echo device? If your answer is yes then, don’t need to worry, as this error will get fixed with this simple troubleshooting guide.

Explore the complete “Echo Registration Failure Error” Troubleshooting Guide and know How to fix Alexa Error 10:2:12:3:1, or Echo Registration Failure Error. Check out the simple proven steps, ahead in this guide.

Echo Registration Failure Error – Why You Have This?

There are various plentiful reasons that plays a major role in the cause of Alexa Error 10:2:12:3:1. Check out the major scenarios, which causes the error in your current display.

  • When you are about to run Amazon Alexa Echo Setup process.
  • You are trying to register your Amazon Alexa device which can be Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Tap, Echo Show or Echo Look.
  • You have got the Echo device and facing troubles when setting up and registering.
  • You might see the echo registration failure error on Refurbished/Used Amazon Echo device.
  • Echo device can display this error when you are trying to setting up the device.
  • You may also get this error in Alexa app after the completion of Echo reset.

Steps To Perform Before You Begin Echo Troubleshooting Steps

To start with the steps, one should seek these follow the below-guided steps before begin the actual troubleshooting solutions.

  1. First and the foremost thing that you need to make sure is that your device should be running on the latest available version (means use updated one).
  2. Cross-check and make sure that you are entering correct login information, which you are entering in Echo Device.
  3. Your Echo device is placed at least eight inches or more from any walls and windows.
  4. Apart from this, a device should also be placed away from any electronic appliances.
  5. Be ensure that your device with the Alexa app is not connected to a wired network.
  6. Meet and fulfil the minimum bandwidth requirements for streaming Alexa (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band).

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Echo Dot Registration Failure Error

Want to know how to fix Echo Registration Failure error? If yes, then seek these reliable solutions.

  • Open and select “Register your Device” option.
  • Now, fill up your Email-ID or Phone Number into your Amazon Account in the given fields.
  • In the available screen, select any one of the option to proceed into the steps either email or text will be sent accordingly.
  • Check and see of the One-time password sent to you either on email or mobile number which you selected in the previous step.
  • Finally, your device is successfully registered.

While registering your Echo product by using the above-guided steps and you get Registration Failure Error 10:2:12:3:1. Then, pursue these proven steps to troubleshoot the Amazon Echo Registration Failure Error.

  • Restart your Amazon Echo Device and press & hold the Reset Button just for 5 seconds with a paper clip.
  • Now, wait for some time until the light get turned off and then turn blue again.
  • After that, your Amazon Echo device’s light ring turns orange. This simply means that your Echo Device is in setup mode and ready to use.
  • In the next step, open your Alexa app on your using device and try to register your Alexa Echo Device again.
  • And then try to turn off your Modem and after 30 seconds restart it again.
  • Do the same with your available router.
  • At last, remove the power adapter for 3 seconds or more from your Alexa Echo Device and plug it back.

As you follow these troubleshooting steps you will surely resolve and fix Amazon Echo Registration Failure Error.