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How Alexa Can Make Your Drive Easier And Relaxing?

Looking for a device to help you in several ways? Heard about Alexa? Then why not try it. Alexa is a masterpiece in the era of technology, as it will help you to anticipate challenges that you have been facing while driving. The astonishing features and skills of Alexa make everything just perfect and more simplistic like never before. For all the car lovers who generally like to drive their car, trust me guys Alexa is a lifesaver for you. When you are driving and looking for help to make your drive easier, more fun, and more relaxing then you can do it so with Alexa skills for automotive. There are Alexa skills that can truly help with navigation, parking, roadside assistance, and keep you entertained while you are on the go.

Below you can find the complete details on how Alexa can make your drive easier and relaxing and start using your Alexa skills today.

#1 Go For GPS Navigation

With the effective Alexa skills, you can easily perceive the effective information about your route. It means that you can easily refer to any precise location, what so ever you want such as a delivery entrance, a picnic spot, or a drone landing point. All you need to do is command your Alexa and say“Alexa, send me the location” and you are good to go.

#2 Roadside Assistance

Alexa is simply a great way to request roadside assistance for your vehicle with your voice command. You can say “Alexa, open” and the voice assistance will help you to find the nearest service provider to get you back on the road safely. The Urgen.tly skill of Alexa will permit you to request flat tire repair with Alexa or connect you with a roadside specialist for any other roadside request with just a phone number, location, or an Amazon Pay with the Alexa app.

#3 Entertain Your Needs

Alexa’s Drivetime is the first and the most sought after trivia skill designed for voice-activated games to make your drive convenient. With this amazing feature, you will never have to use your hands while driving or take your eyes off the road. To complete the set up - start like music, podcasts, or radio shows - there’s no more tapping or swiping required, which simply means you can enjoy a fun, or engaging commute road trip. Just offer a command, “Alexa, open Drivetime” you are good to use and enjoy the features.

#4 Find and Pay for Parking

ParkWhiz is a great way to rid-off the hassle out of parking. Find parking seamlessly across your favorite area and compare prices to save up to 50% off standard parking rates. For the times you need a parking slot ParkWhiz is the great option to explore an amazing parking space near your destination. Simply say, “Alexa, ask ParkWhiz to find parking nearby” and you can book your parking slots in seconds and pay with Amazon Pay.

Hope you find this blog really helpful and seek out the best ways to make your drive easier and convenient with Alexa.

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