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How Alexa Help Senior Citizens? Best Use of Amazon Echo

We live in a digital time where technology can play a vital role to make things easier and convenient for us. In particular, Amazon Alexa-enabled devices including Echo Dot, Echo Tower, Echo Show or the Echo Plus they all can help you to make your home safer – no matter how old are you.

Is Alexa Help Senior Citizens?

Well, the answer is Yes, it is. Alexa is an artificial intelligence that has come with a plethora of great features and Skill shop. If you are a senior citizen and looking for a device that reminds you about your medication, provides weather updates, plays your favorite songs, manages your to-do list with calendar features to prompt all important dates then Alexa is for you.

Furthermore, at a certain age, your mind starts forgetting things more quickly. If you are in the same situation, Alexa will be life-saving for you.

1. Best Source of Listening Music & The Radio

Many of us like the idea that you can say “Alexa, play Michael Jackson – Earth Song” or “Alexa, please play – a radio station in the USA” and immediately you got the results without blinking your eyes.

2.Check For The Weather Updates

Give the command “Alexa, what’s the weather today?” and find out the current weather forecasting. In case, you are looking for more detailed weather information, just use and enable the Big Sky Skill on your Alexa device and you can request some specific information.

3.Always Keep On Track

Find it difficult to create and manage hand-written lists that can be misplaced? It’s the time to let your Alexa-enabled device take care of your lists for you. All you need to do by start saying, “Alexa, create a list”. Then Alexa will ask you to name the list and you will need to start adding the important items in the list by saying “Alexa, add an item to my holiday gift list” or “Alexa, add an item to my to-do list” and so on.

4.Manage Your Calendar

With this busy lifecycle, it can be quite difficult to keep track of all of your plans, especially for elderly people. Give all the stress and responsibility to your Amazon Echo and Echo Show product and feel stress-free of managing your calendar. Say “Alexa, add an event to my calendar” and add your doctor appointments, grandkids coming to visit, outings with friends, birthdays, and all the rest of life’s events. Also, you can ask Alexa about “what’s on my calendar?” to hear your upcoming schedule.

5.Have Fun With Audio Books and Trivia Games

Alexa is great to have a fun time, especially if you have a subscription to Audible. You can hear various Audible books by saying “Alexa, play the Audible book ‘Moby Dick'” and that’s it! Furthermore, you can play fun trivia games that provide your mind with an entertaining challenge and helps you to delay the cognitive effects of aging.

Getting your hands on a new Alexa device can be exciting but at the same time quite difficult. But, this is not an excuse to not use an amazing invention of Amazon. By using the device and experience some customized features with your new Amazon Echo for Seniors, you will be able to explore and enable new skills from Alexa, all you need is to browse the Skill Shop. There are several medium of fun, information and practical skills that you can enable on an Amazon Alexa for seniors.