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How To Fix The Mic Problem Of Amazon Alexa?

If you own an Amazon Echo device, then you probably want to stay away from all the loop-hole and trashes that made you frustrate at some point. In this trait, one of the most concern issue that every Echo user experience in their life-span is that Amazon Echo Mic Problem – when their Alexa virtual assistant is not responding on their command. To defeat and fix the mic problem of Amazon Alexa, follow this guidebook instructions.

Solve Amazon Echo Mic Problem

Amazon Alexa mic problem has become quite common nowadays. However, with this thought you just can’t ignore the issue. To learn some useful tips on how to solve the most common Amazon Echo mic problems, then check out our guide below to perfect solution.

A.Reset or Reboot Your Amazon Echo Device

Disconnect your Echo device from the power source and then reconnect it is all you need to do. If this doesn’t work for you in fixing your problem, then try resolving your facing problem by resetting your Echo device. This step will take your Echo device back to the factory default settings and you will have to set up your Amazon speaker through the Alexa app on your tab or smartphone once again. What you need to do is:

  • Locate the reset hole (available at the bottom of the Echo device) and press the button for a few seconds (around 10 to 15 seconds).
  • When you press the button, the blue light will appear that will turn on later and change to orange in color.
  • Wait for some time and then your Amazon Acho device will back to its factory settings.
  • Set up your Echo device through the Alexa app on your mobile or tab device.

B.Temporarily Disable The Microphone

There might be strong possibilities that the Alexa hits an audio snag, at that point try clearing the lines of communication by turning off the microphone for a minute is the best solution for you. You can easily disable the microphone of an Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Dot, or Echo Show by pushing the mic on/off button located at the top of the device. When the mic on/off button turns red, it means the microphone is off. Your device will not respond until you restart the mic by pushing the mic on button again.

C.Move Your Echo Device

Another great option to fix the mic problem of Amazon Alexa is to try moving your Amazon Echo to a different spot in your house. Changing the location of Echo product will rectify the difficulty for to pick up your voice. To fix-up everything, we recommend you to move your Amazon Echo somewhere quieter.

D.Teach Your Alexa To Hear You Better

Mic problems can majorly arise because your Alexa-enabled device can’t capture your voice accurately. But there is one other option to teach all your Alexa-compatible devices to hear and understand you more accurately. Pursue these steps:

  • To do this, launch the Alexa app on your operating device (mobile and tablet), then select the menu option and tap on ‘Settings’
  • Now, Tap the ‘Voice Training’ option available under the Alexa Devices menu.
  • You will be taken through a tutorial in which you need to read up to 25 phrases aloud. This step, will assist your Alexa to recognise and understand your voice.


Discussed above are some of the most effective methods that you can employ to try to solve Amazon Echo mic problems. If none of them works best for you, then try replacing your Amazon Echo device with a new one or contact the professional repair services of Alexa Support.