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How To Interface Alexa To Your Computer?

If you are using Windows 10 in your PC or have installed it, you probably have the Alexa application for Windows 10. You can use it alone or you can associate your Amazon Echo devices to your PC, as well. When you connect or interface Alexa to PCs in your home, you can utilize it to turn on a PC remotely, connect with your Alexa-enabled gadget from your PC, or even use your Echo device as a PC speaker. Here's the way you can begin utilizing Alexa with your PC in the blink of an eye.

Here, you can check the complete steps on how to interface Alexa to your computer within a couple of minutes. Stay connected to read details.

1. Use Alexa App for Computer

Presently, Alexa for PC is just accessible on supported Windows 10 desktops and note pads. The application is either preinstalled on the gadget or offered during the device initial setup process.

To see whether Alexa is as of now introduced on your Windows 10 PC, basically type Alexa into the Windows search box. On the off chance that it doesn't appear, don't surrender. Acer, Asus, HP, and Lenovo all mean to incorporate Alexa for PC into a variety of Windows 10 gadgets.

If you do have the Alexa application for Windows 10, you should set it up yourself to start utilizing it.

  • To begin with, select Start from your pc, then select the Alexa on Windows app.
  • In the next step, choose Set up Amazon Alexa when the setup screen appears in your available screen.
  • After this, selectContinueon the Terms and Conditions screen. Then select the settings you want to use.
  • Once the process has been completed, select Finish Setup.

Note: If you are not sure which settings you should need to choose, don’t worry, as you can change these later.

  • At last, select Sign In button to sign in to your Amazon account, or Create a New Amazon Account if you don’t have an account yet.
  • Once you complete these steps, Alexa will ready on your computer.

In order to use Alexa for PC, start by saying the wake word (“Alexa,” "Computer," etc.) followed by a command. Apart from this, select the Alexa on Windows icon to start the app.

2. Use Alexa As Your PC Speaker

If you have an Echo gadget and your PC is Bluetooth-empowered, you can combine them and utilize your Alexa gadget as a speaker for your PC. To do this, follow the procedure:

Pair Your Windows PC with An Echo Device:

  • Initially, Log in to your Alexa account by going to and complete the login procedure by using your key-in credentials
  • Now, select Settings in the left pane. And then choose your Echo in the list of devices.
  • In the next step, select Bluetooth and opt to Pair a New Device; Alexa will search for available devices.
  • Go to your computer’s Search box, which you can find in the Start menu.
  • After this, type Bluetooth and go to the Bluetooth Settings in System Settings.
  • Be ensure that the Bluetooth is on and your computer is discoverable.
  • Once you complete the above-guided procedure Add Bluetooth or Other Device; select Bluetooth under Device Type.
  • At last, select your Echo from the list of devices and select Done. Your pc is now connected to your Echo as a speaker.

Pair an Echo Device with a Mac

  • Log in to your Alexa account by using login details at
  • In the next step, select Settings in the left pane and choose your Echo in the list of devices.
  • After this, select Bluetooth and choose the option, which says Pair a New Device; Alexa will search for available devices
  • Click on the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar and connect it and follow the onscreen instructions to set up the device.
  • Select Apple menu, and then select System Preferences, then Sound.
  • At last go for the Output option, then choose your Echo in the list of devices.