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How to Make Companion For Alexa Board Games?

For all Board Game lovers, good news for you, as the Alexa has announced its two popular board games - Ticket to Ride and Ticket to Ride Europe. To stay operational and enjoy the unlimited fun of these modern classics, you will require to complete the Alexa setup procedure and download the Alexa skill (available for free) on any enabled device.

Today the craze of Board games has increased and become more popular than ever. Popular board games like Settlers of Catan, Resistance, or games like Slap 45 or Codenames have gained new dimensions of massive popularity. So, if you are into board games, then you will require to learn the best practices and insights of how to build companion Alexa Skills for Board Games whitepaper.

Why You Required to Create Companion Alexa Skills for Board Games?

The selection criteria of physical and digital board games are developing rapidly, and customers will continue to expect new and more creative approaches to play. Completing Alexa setup and adding the platform can enhance the board game experience for users and helps to make the game stand out from others. Board games benefit by voice interfaces since they give:

  • Hands-free Interaction: Customers can utilize their voice to normally communicate with the game without expecting to put down their cards or game pieces to control a gamepad, advanced cell or tablet.
  • Communal, Social Experience: Playing board games is an ultimate fun, and Alexa gives an approach to find out about the guidelines and encourage other game tasks without upsetting the progression of the game or social connections.
  • Dynamic Game Content: Building an Alexa companion skill permits you to offer players new content every time, either for free or utilizing In-Skill Purchasing, which extends the game understanding and helps you to attract more customers.

What to Consider While Playing Board Games With Alexa?

In case, you bought an Alexa-enabled product including Echo Dot and Echo Show, and complete the Alexa setup procedure, you first need to learn the basics of Board games describing how to play. There are basic three concepts that you will need to follow for Alexa companion skills.

Teaching Your Alexa companion skill can help gamers to learn about the rules.
Hosting You can use your Alexa skill to create a fun game experience for your players.
Playing Your Alexa companion skill can also play the game too. All you need to do is enable Alexa setup and add Alexa companion skill, after this use different voices to differentiate between the “virtual players”.

Enjoy this new voice gaming design whitepaper that will help you build engaging companion Alexa skills for board games.

Enable Alexa Skill for Board Game

To start using the companion Alexa skill on your device, first you will require to perform Alexa Setup and then look for Alexa board game skill. To use Alexa Skill for Board Game download the skill for free.

Need more help to enable Alexa Skill for Board Games? Contact Alexa Support Number +1-6505388708 for USA/Canada, it’s a toll-free number.