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How To Setup Your Alexa With Fire TV?

Amazon's Alexa-enabled devices (Alexa a virtual assistant) including the Echo smart speakers, allows you to control several devices with just the sound of your voice. That’s right. No more remote required to change the settings or turn on or off the device. So, if you have recently bought up your Amazon Fire TV media player, as well as an Echo device, you can link both of them and control your Fire TV from your Echo simply by using your voice command. To perform these tasks, all you need is a Fire TV device in this manner is a supported Alexa-enabled device and a high-ranging strong Wi-Fi connection.

How This Will Work?

If you are horror movie lover and want to watch the latest horror movie on your Amazon Fire TV, then you can say, "Alexa, show me a horror movie" and ALEXA will read your voice and fulfill your command. Well to start up the services, at first, you will need to setup your Alexa with Fire TV. View this article and know here’s how.

Setup Your Alexa With Fire TV –

To control your Fire TV through your Alexa-enabled device, first you will need to link them together. To do so, follow the procedure, as under:

  • Launch the Alexa app on your Android or iOS device.
  • Now, select the menu button (three horizontal lines located in the upper left-hand corner) and choose Settings.
  • From the drop-down menu, go to TV & Video and then select Fire TV option.
  • Now, pursue the on-screen prompts and select the option, which says “Link Devices” to confirm your selection.

Note: You can also easily view and manage your linked devices from the Alexa app. To do so, go back to Settings and select TV & video. After this, select your linked Fire TV and then choose Manage Devices.

Important Tip –

  • You can link several Alexa devices to the same Amazon Fire TV, but at a time only one Alexa device can control a Fire TV.
  • To link your Alexa and Fire TV with each other, they must be registered to the same authorized Amazon account.

How to Control Fire TV with Alexa?

Once your Alexa is successfully linked with Fire TV, you can instruct your Alexa to switch the input channel, search for apps, play a movie, control playback, launch a game, and return to the home screen. Below you can check few voice command that allows you to perform certain tasks.

To Do List On Your Fire TV Say This To Alexa
Search for latest online movies and TV shows "Search for [movie / TV show]."
"Show me titles with [actor]."
"Find [title / genre]."
Launch apps "Launch [app]."
"Open [app]."
Control playback "Play."
"Rewind [timeframe]."
"Go back [timeframe]."
"Fast-forward [timeframe]."
"Watch from beginning."
"Jump forward [timeframe]."
"Next / Next Episode."
Return back to the Fire TV Home Screen "Go Home."