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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do when my Alexa Not Responding?

Alexa sometimes unable to respond properly because of the power supply or slow Internet connection. To resolve the problem check the connection of your Alexa and make sure it is connected to the Power supply or have a good range of Internet connection. Then restart your device and enjoy the features.

Can I make a call by using the Alexa Device?

Yes, it's very simple. All you have to do is use the Alexa voice command like "Alexa, Call Mom linking your phone number", Alexa will get Mom's contact from your phonebook and dial up the number for you. You can call only those who are registered in your phone's contact list.

Can I connect multiple devices with Amazon Alexa Device?

Yes, Amazon offers the ability to associate Alexa, the Echo's voice assistant, with multiple user accounts. You can easily connect and control your smart devices through voice commands and manage them via the Alexa app.

Is it important to have Amazon Prime Account for Alexa?

No, it's not necessary to have an Amazon Prime Account for Alexa. But you need to have at least a free Account in Amazon so that you get more out of it as Prime members get free music and much more.

Do I need a Wi-Fi connection for Alexa?

Yes, Amazon Alexa needs a Wi-Fi connectivity for trouble-free functioning. Alexa grasps the global information by accessing Google and without Wi-Fi, it is difficult to get latest updates and news.

Does Amazon Alexa have a Bluetooth?

Yes, it is having a Bluetooth connection. There are multiple ways to connect your Bluetooth to Amazon Alexa by voice or web interface. All you need to say "Alexa Pair" and it will respond "Ready to Pair".

What is the difference between Amazon Echo Dot and Amazon Echo?

Amazon Echo Dot is a hands-free speaker that has a greater quality of sound, while on the other hand Amazon Echo is an advanced version of the hands-free speaker, which is monitored by your own voice which powers the sound in your whole place.

Does Alexa work without internet connection?

Yes, you can use your Alexa without Internet is by Bluetooth. Using Alexa device with Bluetooth you first have access to a Wi-Fi connection for the pairing process.

How to create a routine to link two voice commands?

Simply just sign in to your Amazon Alexa app account on your phone and go to routines on the menu and then add a new routine.